3 Insurance-Based Medicaid Planning Strategies

A long-term care insurance advocate catalogs impoverishment methods

Moses and his group have argued for years that well-intentioned federal and state policymakers have made it too easy for middle-income people, and even high-income people, to qualify for Medicaid nursing home benefits, by excluding too many assets and planning strategies from the Medicaid eligibility screening process.

Encouraging middle-income and high-income people to depend on Medicaid nursing home benefits crowds out private long-term care insurance and reduces the resources Medicaid has to serve people who are really poor, Moses and his supporters say.

Defenders of the current rules say that few ordinary Americans have the ability to pay for much nursing home care, or for private long-term care insurance, and that the U.S. private long-term care insurance market works too poorly for policymakers to expect consumers to depend on it.

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