Webinar – The Future of Income Protection

April 24, 2018

What can be more important than insuring that your clients will always have a paycheck if they are too sick or hurt to work? In the past, selling Disability Insurance (DI) has been complicated and confusing; but this webinar will open the door to the future of income protection.

Bryan Orr, Principal’s Sr. Disability Sales Manager, and Ron Cohen DIA, DIF, DI specialist with Resource Brokerage, will present a new training webinar designed to prepare you to sell Income Protection DI to your client base.

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Sales Ideas

August 7, 2017

Social Security Survivor Benefits: Don’t Just Survive, Maximize The extra funds overlooked in survivor benefits can mean the difference between living in poverty and relative comfort for many clients. Read more.

Prepare Your Clients for These 5 Life Events Retirement planning is far from the only component of a robust financial plan. Read more.

Super-charge clients’ protection: Life insurance with DI

December 2, 2016

Nov 28, 2016 | By Richard M. Weber, M.B.A., CLU, AEP

When DI is combined with appropriate life insurance, a “double-duty” synergy is achieved, resulting in complete protection for the portion of human life value for which insurance exists.

A typical affluent family owns a variety of assets, including real estate, cars, retirement accounts, investments, cash and life insurance. But some assets may be vulnerable to possible loss, through economic downturns, mismanagement or natural disaster.

Fortunately, some of those losses can be offset by transferring the risk of loss to an insurance company. Still, there are other risks, such as job loss or experiencing a business failure, which cannot be so readily transferred.

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Five Great Sales Ideas

May 25, 2016
  1. What women want: Annuitizing retirement assets Women have different needs than their male counterparts when it comes to retirement.
  2. How to gauge the income tax consequences of an annuity transaction Each of these 15 common annuity transactions has a different income tax implication.
  3. 10 tips for making the most of your new-client appointments Advisors only have a limited amount of time with each new prospect and must know how to optimize that their time while earning trust and inspiring client confidence.
  4. Can fixed annuities and rising interest rates coexist? Annuity product innovations aim to stop clients from jumping ship as interest rates rise.
  5. Life insurance sales growth a priority for banks, credit unions Three in four banks predict that recurring premium life insurance products will be a much larger part of sales.

The biggest government backlog is getting worse, watchdog says, but Social Security has a plan

November 30, 2015

By Lisa Rein

When The Post dug into the backlog for disability benefits at the Social Security Administration a year ago, it discovered that the line was approaching one million applications long. The number of people in this queue was so large that it exceeded the population of six different states.

Since then, the line has only gotten longer, according to a new report by the agency’s watchdog.

The average time to process the claims — which have now reached the one million mark — is up to 450 days, Inspector General Patrick O’Carroll Jr. wrote in late September, calling the number of pending cases the largest in Social Security’s history.

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Divorce and Disability Insurance: A Marriage of Opportunity

September 2, 2015


When couples divorce, frequently the court will order that life insurance be taken out on the party who is required to pay child support and spousal maintenance or alimony. This protects the party who is receiving the financial support, and assures that the support continues if the ex-spouse dies.

But what if the party who is paying the support becomes disabled? Until now, there hasn’t been a way to ensure that divorce settlement and child support payments continue if the person making those payments — the payor — becomes totally disabled.
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How to get anyone to think about disability insurance

May 11, 2015

May 07, 2015 | By Lynette Gil

It is Disability Insurance Awareness Month and the video below from Guardian got me thinking: Why is it that we always think that nothing will happen to us? That, maybe, we’ll be here, in this same physical condition and state, until we’re 90 years old?

The video says that when people hear the word “disability,” they associate the term as something that you are born with, rather than a life event that will impact your ability to work.

And it continues, “Disabilities are often caused by illness or injury at any age. One in four workers entering the workplace will be disabled before they retire,” Guardian’s video states.

Those are scary numbers. They’re meant to make viewers stop what they’re doing and think: Am I covered in case of an accident? And while I don’t believe myself to be an alarmist, it only took two seconds to remember a few stories from friends who have been partially “disabled” due to unexpected accidents. (So I guess the video worked.)

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