I-Pipeline – American National is terminating the agreement to support the i-Go e-platform with i-Pipeline

June 4, 2018

Special Message:  I-Pipeline – American National is terminating the agreement to support the i-Go e-platform with i-Pipeline including – illustrations effective June 30th.  Please move your e-app life submissions to our Expert App platform for fast, easy and efficient processing.  Here’s a You Tube training video walkthrough of our Expert App: https://img.anicoweb.com/wps/portal/img/home/expertoffice/quicklinks/expertoffice_training

Click this link for Easy Access to all of American National’s Forms (no password necessary):  https://img.anicoweb.com/wps/portal/img/home/expertoffice/quicklinks/expertforms


Industry Article – How to Sell More by Finding What Your Clients Need

May 23, 2018

How to Sell More by Finding What Your Clients Need
The worst obstacle to closing sales is that people think they’re broke. Read more.

Industry Articles

April 25, 2018
  • For Single Women’s Confidence, Try Annuities
    LIMRA has posted survey data showing that annuity use may do more for women’s outlook than for men’s. Read more.
  • 5 Factors That May Double Your Chances of Selling a Life Policy
    Analysts have sifted LIMRA survey data to find out what closes sales. Read more.
  • 3 Top New Life and Annuity Ad Campaigns
    New spots from Brighthouse, Lincoln and Symetra could get consumers more interested in the idea of talking to you. Read more.


Industry Articles

April 2, 2018
  • NAIFA Starts Long Term Care Center
    Certification for Long Term Care will be a founding sponsor of the new center. Read more.
  • These 3 Threats Scare Gen Xers’ More Than Basic Retirement Costs: IRI
    Too many advisors may be skipping over what consumers ages 35 to 55 really want to talk about. Read more.
  • How to Get Life Prospects to Think About Product Value
    The policy premium is something to for the client to think about. So is the policy value. Read more.

March 22, 2018

Join Tom Merrion and Prudential for a webinar on Linked Benefits.


  • The new market of Life insurance policies with “Living Benefits” riders
  • Protection for clients–they do not have to die before accessing policy benefits
  • Provide peace of mind that lifelong retirement assets are insulated from being depleted by chronic care expenses
  • Establish your coverage with known guaranteed premiums, daily benefits, and policy maximums
  • Increases sales by offering plans that have multi-faceted protection
  • How Prudential’s industry-leading underwriting can win the tougher Life insurance challenges

Large medical expenses in retirement are amongst the top concerns of today’s working population. As advisors, we know that even sizeable retirement savings may be at risk due to a chronic condition-or market fluctuations. While Long Term Care coverage is the traditional answer to this problem, a large portion of clients are looking for products that answer the question, “What if I never need chronic care?”

Tuesday, April 10, 2018     10:00am to 11:00am



Webinar – Accelerated Life Underwriting

March 1, 2018

Join Tom Merrion and Assurity Life for a webinar on March 13th
Topics to be Presented:

  • Jet Issue up to $10M face amount
  • E-application underwriting can result in instant underwriting decisions
  • Paper/Tele application underwriting decisions in 7 days (on average)
  • ROP rider availability (includes base premium and ROP rider premium)
  • What is Jet Issue (Accelerated U/W)?
  • Difference between Jet Issue and Simplified Issue

Tuesday, March 13, 2018     10:00am to 11:00am


Industry Articles

January 18, 2018
  • Ways to Help Americans Save More for Retirement
    Their hope for peace of mind in old age may start with you. Read more.


  • Transamerica to Outsource Life, Voluntary Benefits and Annuity Administration
    Employees whose roles are in scope will be offered jobs by Tata, executives say. Read more.