Classroom Ethics Course

October 15, 2018


All Illinois resident producers are required to complete 24 hours of CE with 3 of those hours consisting of classroom ethics. Resource Brokerage, LLC will be holding an ethics classroom presentation that fulfills the state’s requirement. The program will consist of an in-depth discussion of ethics as they pertain to the independent insurance agent.

The program is designed to be interactive and the instructor encourages class attendees to participate in discussions of the different ethical/unethical scenarios that will be presented.

Classroom Ethics Course:

Monday, October 22, 2018     9:00am to Noon

Schaumburg Corporate Conference Center Conference Rooms A and B. 1501 E. Woodfield Road Schaumburg, IL 60173

RSVP below or via phone to Judy Wrigley: 847-598-0039


Additional Details:

For brokers (or assistants) that have produced for us in the last two years, there is no charge IF REGISTERED IN ADVANCE. For all other interested individuals, a non-refundable $60 registration fee will be charged (exception: if you place a piece of business through our agency within 60 days of the seminar, the registration fee will be refunded to you).

Same day registration (subject to availability): $80 cash or check. No discounts will be honored for same day “walk ins”.



Are Your DI Words Working?

October 2, 2014

Introducing Words That Work

William Butler Yeats once said, “Think like a wise man, but communicate in the language of the people.” With that goal in mind, MetLife conducted in-depth market research to understand the client perspective on the words that work in stimulating more productive disability insurance (DI) sales conversations. This research uncovered several key shifts that can be made in the DI sales language and process that can lead to greater client engagement and increased sales. These findings are detailed in the DI Words That Work Playbook. Also available are specific talking points you can use to share the findings from this research with DI non-sellers, previous sellers and savvy sellers.
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Sales Articles for the week

October 2, 2014

LTC – The Five Minute Sale

September 30, 2013

The Five-Minute LTCI Sale

If they understand, they buy.

If they care about their families, they buy.

If they acknowledge the reality of the math, they buy.

If they have been touched by an angel by coming in contact directly or indirectly with caregiving issues, they buy.

Perhaps in our passion to sell LTCI we have over-complicated our approach. Perhaps in our desire to educate and illuminate we have reached out for too many “soft” answers.

View the Five Minute Sale Technique

Resource TV – Sales Idea: Using Annuities To Fund LTC

July 16, 2013

By: Tom Merrion

An answer for prospects who are concerned about having to budget for LTC premiums
for a lifetime…

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Principal – Additional IDI Discount Now Available for Select Occupations

May 23, 2013

Additional IDI discount now available for select 5A-S occupations

Effective immediately, clients in 5A-Select occupations who are members of a professional association are eligible for up to 20 percent in discounts1,2 when purchasing a variety of Principal Life Insurance Company Individual Disability Insurance (IDI) products on a single-life basis.

Clients eligible for the discounts2 include those in the following 5A-Select occupations who are also members of a professional association:

  •   Actuary
  •   Architect
  •   Astronomer3
  •   Attorney
  •   Auditor
  •   Biochemist3
  •   Biologist3
  •   Botanist3
  •   Chemist3


  •   CPA
  •   Economist3
  •   Engineer
  •   Executive (earning over $60,000/year for the   last two years)
  •   Geologist3
  •   Judge
  •   Meteorologist3
  •   Optometrist
  •   Physicist3
  •   Sociologist3
  •   Zoologist3

How to obtain the discount

  • Share the cost savings with clients through customized proposals.  In the illustration system, select “Association” as the sales program to get started.
  • Submit disability applications and completed Producer Reports with discounts noted.  For these targeted occupations, under “Additional Information, Discounts,”  select:
  • “Association      Discount” and provide the name of the professional association under      “Association Name.”
  • “Occupation      Discount.”

Sales Idea – Benefits of Permanent Life Insurance

April 17, 2013

Many consumers misunderstand or underestimate the benefits of Permanent Life insurance. Most consumers only see the purpose of Life insurance as a death benefit protection. That is unfortunate because they are only seeing one of three benefits of Permanent Life insurance.

The second benefit to is the tax-free build up of cash values—at the outset, many prospects have not been educated about this offering.

Thirdly, the fact that these cash values can be accessed as policy loans in the future, regardless of age, with no tax ramifications under current tax laws unlike most current retirement plans.

The bottom line is that by funding Permanent Life insurance, if structured correctly, your client will only be paying taxes on the seed—their initial premiums—and not the harvest—the much larger accumulated cash values that are accessed many years down the line whether for short term obligations or full-fledged retirement income planning strategies!

Contact our Life specialists at Resource Brokerage for help with your Whole Life and IUL Permanent Life insurance opportunities