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August 7, 2017

Social Security Survivor Benefits: Don’t Just Survive, Maximize The extra funds overlooked in survivor benefits can mean the difference between living in poverty and relative comfort for many clients. Read more.

Prepare Your Clients for These 5 Life Events Retirement planning is far from the only component of a robust financial plan. Read more.

Know the difference: Critical illness vs. LTCI riders

October 5, 2016

Oct 04, 2016 | By Rod Rishel

On the heels of last month’s Life Insurance Awareness Month, there’s no better time to consider solutions for the most pressing needs of baby boomers, one of the most populous generations in America.

These consumers, born between 1946 and 1964, are on the precipice of retirement, if not retired already, and many are challenged with planning for future health care costs. Life insurance with a chronic illness (CI) living benefit rider may be the perfect financial solution for long-term care needs. However, not all boomers understand how CI riders differ from long-term care insurance (LTCI) or how recent innovation has impacted CI rider designs.

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Five Great Sales Ideas

May 25, 2016
  1. What women want: Annuitizing retirement assets Women have different needs than their male counterparts when it comes to retirement.
  2. How to gauge the income tax consequences of an annuity transaction Each of these 15 common annuity transactions has a different income tax implication.
  3. 10 tips for making the most of your new-client appointments Advisors only have a limited amount of time with each new prospect and must know how to optimize that their time while earning trust and inspiring client confidence.
  4. Can fixed annuities and rising interest rates coexist? Annuity product innovations aim to stop clients from jumping ship as interest rates rise.
  5. Life insurance sales growth a priority for banks, credit unions Three in four banks predict that recurring premium life insurance products will be a much larger part of sales.

Ten Sales Ideas

March 19, 2015
  1. Know your value
    Have you brought value to your clients? Stay in touch so they’ll remember and want to share you with others.
  2. Securing the appointment: the value of a good script
    When setting an appointment with a new prospect, it is critical to come across in a professional manner.
  3. 9 ways to reach clients in a big city
    How do you compete in an over-prospected market? Join these 9 groups and start networking.
  4. 3 insights to help foreign national clients who own U.S. property
    Life insurance is one solution that can help protect non-resident homeowners from possible U.S. estate tax exposure.
  5. Are you qualified?
    Questions aren’t always objections. Recognize that your prospects may simply be trying to qualify you.
  6. How to aggregate IRAs
    Planning for large balance IRAs offers the possibility of using the after-tax distribution payouts as annual premiums for life insurance or LTCI policies.
  7. 2015 tax cheat sheet for advisors and their clients
    The tax items for tax year 2015 of greatest interest to most taxpayers include these dollar amounts.
  8. Working with the affluent retiree market
    If your goal for 2015 is to add fewer, but wealthier retirement planning clients, you have to read these tips.
  9. Giving to get: The secret to landing high-net-worth clients
    Here is a five-step action plan that you can use to get in front of wealthy, philanthropic leaders in your community.
  10. 3 surefire ways to earn a prospect’s trust
    You won’t get far in sales without your prospects’ trust. Here are some simple tips for earning it.

Critical illness insurance — a product for many needs

April 1, 2014

CI protection is more than just a supplement to health insurance — and it’s more important now than ever to your clients and prospects.

Situation Critical: Prepare For Increased Critical Illness Insurance Interest

March 20, 2014

From Broker World March Digital Edition

I bought my family a very nice Christmas present last holiday season. I purchased a critical illness policy on my life. It just seemed to make sense to me, and I have a feeling
that this reality might creep into the psyche of many insurance consumers in the upcoming years. Simply put, it provides funds for flexibility in the care setting, should a covered malady or condition occur.

Structure and Underwriting An easy way to think of critical illness insurance (CII) relative to other fixed insurance products that have been sold is that it pays a claim like a life insurance policy would, and is underwritten in a
similar fashion to how a disability policy would be processed.

As with a life insurance policy, benefits are payable in a lump sum when a claim occurs. There is a fairly broad menu of covered illnesses that trigger benefit payment, and there is some variation of that menu from carrier to
carrier. But the general structure typically provides benefits for heart attacks, strokes and cancer diagnoses (though coverage often extends well beyond those ubiquitous situations).

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The Critical Truth About Critical Care Insurance

March 18, 2014

From Broker World March Digital Edition

Americans love to play the odds.  They’ll bet on anything.  But too many people take financial risks they can ill-afford, especially when it comes to their health.  Read the results of a recent 2013 survey that asks employees how prepared they were for an unexpected serious injury.

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